Wearable Technology: Make Your World More Smart

Humans are lazy beings. When we find any task less sufficient, boring and repetitive, either we skip it or we invest some of our precious time to develop techniques to make the job easier and more efficient. This habit is one of the reasons for our technological advancement as far as it has since the stone ages.

As far as we know, when android and ios came into the market then this technological advancement, this technological evolution just boosted up. This has introduced the entire new generation of technological equipment; Smart-phones, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things (Home automation), Smart Assistance and what not. Every technology modifies with time to reduce the effort of Homo sapiens. Now as I mentioned above this ‘Lazy beings’, it seems like new generation doesn’t want to give the effort to hold these devices but instead of they want to wear it.


With all the hype around us, it seems that Wearable Technology or “Wearables” are the next big thing. Smart Glasses, Smart Watches, Smart health-monitoring wristbands, Smart pants, Smart whatever-you-you-want-to-wear and many other things are yet to come in the market in near future. In both personal and business usages, the use of wearable devices is rising. Price Water house Coopers Wearable Future Report 2014 says that one out of five American owns at least one wearable product. The Smart Watches are second highest profitable section; it has got the mass media attention when Samsung and Apple announced their Smart watches which can be synchronized with their phones with Bluetooth connectivity. Google Glasses also gained lots of media attention, but the project is on halt right now. Smart Shoes for visually challenged is currently available in the market. There are many other products and it has large scope in the future. We are seeing at future which has been predicted in Sci-fi Terminator Genesis, Where all your personal devices; watches, glasses, laptop, phones, clothes, shoes etc are attached to a single network and work with a single Operating System.
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Different type of Wearables

• Google Glass
Google Glass has been developed by Google X (I don’t know how many companies are under Google!), currently known as X. It is an optical head-mounted display which is in the shape of wearable eyeglasses. This device can be synchronized with your android and i-phone via an app called My Glass developed by Google for both Android and ios.

Google Glass has a 5-megapixel camera and a touchpad at a side of glass. It is activated by voice command “Ok Glass”. If we take a look at the features: Google Glass has 16 GB, 1 GB RAM, bone conductor audio transducer, proximity and lighting sensor, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, and accelerometer.

Google Glasses are being used in many fields like Military, Journalism and Mass Media application, Healthcare application, Sports and many others. Google Glass also faced criticism due to privacy and some safety concern (The USA has banned to drive with wearing Google Glass! Because it may distract the driver. Google has stopped producing Google Glass prototype in January 2015.

• Smart Watches
There are two big names competing in each other in this sector. Yes, right guess! They are Apple and Samsung and why not, Smart Watches is the second highest profitable sector of all the time. Apple has released their first Smart Watch in April 2015. Samsung introduced their series of Smart Watches known as Galaxy gear in September 2013.

The goal of Apple Watches is to enhance the use of i-phones, that’s why Apple Watches incorporates fitness and health care compatibility with integration with i-phone via Bluetooth connectivity. Apple has Apple Watches Sports, Apple Watches, Apple Watches Hermes and Apple Watches edition; these four types are distinguished with each other, but they all provide the basic facility of texting and calling.

Samsung Smart Watches are known as Samsung Galaxy Gear. Initially, Galaxy Gears were working on Android OS but in after 2014’s updates, Android is replaced by Tizen. After Galaxy Gear, Samsung has launched Galaxy Gears S2 in 2014 and now we have Galaxy Gear S3.

When we compare the latest version of both the Smart Watches, Samsung get upper hand in the features because Samsung has a couple of years worth of innovation in Wearables. Galaxy Gear S3 comes with the rotating bezel so you don’t need to touch the screen every time, it also has LTE connectivity and standard built-in GPS. But in the case of Apple’s Smart Watches, you need to depend on your i-phone for this functions. In another hand, Apple has one of the best-looking wearables available in the market.

• Smart Ring
The smart ring just looks like the traditional ring. Smart Rings has the ability to make payment and access control. It can communicate with your Smartphone and personal computer and it can be used individually without carrying your smartphone. It has no display but it has a physical button for activation of gesture. It can make payment when near payment terminal, unlock the door when near the door and it can also control home automation devices by making the simple gesture.

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• Fitness Tracker
This type of wearable can be worn on the wrist. This is one of the oldest wearables, they have come into the market long before Smart Watches and Smart Glasses. Fitness Tracker can track how much steps were taken, how much calories burnt, how is your breathing rate etc. Advanced Fitness Tracker can also monitor your heart rate. This is cheapest wearing tech available in the market.

• Smart Clothes
In the Smart Clothes, the Garments (Specially made) are infused with silver coated conductive fiber. This fiber acts as sensors which stream data in real time to smart phones and regular clothes which have some special functionality. Smart Clothes can sense heart rate, breathing, stress and any physical change in the body.

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