3 Best Services for Physical to Digital Integration

The technology is growing very rapidly around us. Just search ‘Technology’ on Google and press that ‘news’ tab, I am sure you will find thousands of new technologies about which you never heard of. The rapid change in technology is changing about everything around us. It is replacing bricks and mortar structures around us; think about the largest online shopping store in human history, AMAZON. Amazon is the biggest example of ‘Physical to Digital Integration’ which is our point of discussion for today.

Digital integration is an idea in which an information or data available on one device can be read and changed by more than one device. For example, you have a calendar on your Smartphone, as well as a calendar on the internet. So Integration between both of them allows you to plan a certain event and other users will be notified. Further, if the digital calendar is integrated with the blog then you can even write about the event. In the case of Physical to Digital Integration, the user can take advantages of both systems simultaneously. IBM is doing very well in this field.

Let’s see some work of IBM Watson.

1. The North Face: A jacket Retailer

Just visualize that you are going to buy a jacket. Now, how in-store experience is compared to the online shopping? If you are in the store you can browse through multiple jackets and you can even ask the sales associate for exactly what kind of jacket you want. Now just think about if we are able to add this feature of the physical store in the digital shops. What if we are able to ‘talk’ with the digital assistant in a similar manner? The North Face has built the same thing on their site with the help of IBM Watson to help us find the perfect jacket for our next adventure. Check it out by yourself The North Face.

2. Autodesk: Consumer Service

Customer service is the very essential part of every organization. Now you don’t need to wait in the queue for the customer service executive to take you complaint because the next big thing in this field is Autodesk’s assistant, ‘Otto’. IBM partnered with Autodesk to build ‘Otto’. This digital assistant can bring better interaction with customers.  Consumer support will become more seamless and It will handle customer complaints in more efficient manners. You can try the experience on Autodesk's Otto
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3. Staples: Easy Button

On the E-commerce site, Staples famous Easy Button has come to life with the help of IBM Watson. Now easy button is not only limited to all those speaking and things but now you can order something from Staples store in real time just by pressing that red button on your table. Do you know, what is the more interesting thing about this integration? You don’t even need the Easy button now; you can use the system from your phone or Facebook. This can help the customer to reorder and to track the shipment of their orders. It will help to develop the close relationship with the customers, which is the sole purpose of any organization. You can try the experience on Staples Innovation

A business which is failed to adapt these changes is now facing the decline in their business. The most common example is there is declination in the mall traffic; the limited, a popular women’s clothing store is closing 450 of its store and laying off around 4000 of its workers. Intel has its attention on this situation. So, Intel has announced its effort to level the competition between the online store and physical store by introducing IoT (Internet of Things) in the shopping centers. Intel is planning to invest $100 million in changing your way of shopping from the digital stores in next five years. Intel believes that the online store has access to information like what consumers look at, what they purchase and what they don’t; so physical stores should have access to this information. For this purpose, Intel has already designed the concept of ‘Connected Store’. Intel is planning to implement digital real-time signage, smart shopping cart, self-service stores, and Smart terminals to create more informed, smart and satisfying shopping experience for the customers. Intel believes that due implementation of IoT for stores; Store will get more loyal customers and help to stop the declining mall traffic.
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