Mobile Broadband Service: Connect With The World Easily

Guys! You all are Mr. Smarty pants. So I am assuming that you all know about “broadband services”. Now for those who are hearing this word for the first time the Broadband is “Wide bandwidth data transmission which can transmit multiple signals. The medium for the transmission can be an optical fiber, co axial cable, radio etc.” (Don’t you dare to lose the track?) In simple Indian words, “Broadband” is your LAN cable which you are using to connect with the world. Now let’s take broad band one step further. Today we are going to talk about “Mobile Broadband”.

What is Mobile Broadband?

     Mobile Broadband is a term used for wireless internet connectivity through mobile towers to our laptops, mobile phones and computers using portable modems. As we have said earlier this word is just a term, it is actually synonymous of ‘mobile internet connectivity’. During the initial period, some companies and nowadays every mobile company give us the facility to connect more than one device to the internet using a single cellular network. In simple words, we are talking about “Mobile hotspot and tethering”!

Mobile Broadband Service

Why should I use Mobile Broadband?

     Ordinary broadband just gives us access to the internet but mobile broadband supports voice and video calling along with internet connectivity. There is no need to buy extra equipment like LAN cable, modem or pay for landline rental because your Smartphone itself can work as a portable modem. Mobile broadband Services is quite a cost effective. Since it uses mobile networks to provide internet access then you don’t need to fill your home with cables.

    Mobile broadband is quite a handy tool. Unlike fixed broadband mobile broadband can come with you anywhere you want. You don’t need to worry about if the place where you are going has Wi-Fi or not because you have your Smartphone in your pocket!

What should I think of before choosing Mobile Broadband?

    Like every other thing in this boundless universe, this technology also doesn’t come with all the advantages. It does have some drawbacks. Mobile phones are essential to get internet connection through mobile broadband which is quite expensive. It uses the cellular network to get access to the internet which is quite fluctuating and during peak hours you wouldn’t be able to get expected speed because of too many connections.

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    The mobile broadband network takes its step back in the race with fixed broadband in the case of the data plan. The plans in mobile broadband are mostly monthly basis. Except this it often has a limit on the amount of data you are using monthly, if you cross the limit then you need to pay a significant amount. Even in the case of unlimited data, your speed will be reduced drastically once you have crossed the limit.

    And trust me when you are using this service without any data-plan, then it will become a giant black hole and will swallow all of your hard earnings. The battery backup of your Smartphone is one more thing to worry about.

What is the next thing in this domain?

    The 5G! 4G connectivity is originally designed to bring broadband to the mobile phones and it has fulfilled its purpose. The 5G is next big thing not only for mobile broadband users but for the entire Smartphone industry.

    Why? Because 5G is actually going to immerse both Virtual-Reality (VR) and Augmented-Reality (AR). Along with this wireless VR and AR, 5G will provide enhanced data rates. Just think about what if you can ‘attend’ live cricket match from your office, home, school etc, that’s virtual reality. And augmented reality is going to enhance the view of the real world with the digital information.
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Mobile broadband is just a simple term used for “Tethering Portable Hotspot” which is given built in mostly Smartphone nowadays. By using it you can connect more than one device to internet connectivity through a single cellular network.

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